Episode 001: Thus Far (April’s Story)

Ahhh! We are so excited to bring you the very first episode of our podcast! In this episode we’ll explain what the Being Women Podcast is all about and April will share her story of learning that God is always faithful. Click below to listen!

Episode 001: Thus Far (April’s Story)

This is the story we referenced in 1 Samuel 7. Read verses 2-12 to get the full story.

April’s family (Derek, Audrina, April, and Devon):


Oasis Church where Sara and April are members and where April serves on staff. Definitely come visit sometime soon – it’s a great church and you will feel welcome!

Link to the Facebook page for April’s side hustle, Ordered Life, a home organization business.

The main man in April’s life. How cute is he?


Photographic evidence of April’s tattoo:


Tune in again on January 17 to hear our next episode, featuring Sara’s story! ‘Til then, you can keep up with us on social media – just search BeingWomenPodcast on Facebook or Instagram.

See ya next time!

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