Episode 002: Enduring Faith (Sara’s Story)


Most of us don’t like to hear the word NO, and probably even more so, we don’t like to WAIT for anything.  Here’s what I know to be true in those times where God says NO or makes us wait…HE’S ALWAYS WORKING AND HE ALWAYS FULFILLS HIS PROMISES.
God told Joshua he had given him the city of Jericho before He had even given Joshua instructions on what to do. When He told Joshua to march around the city of Jericho he gave him very specific instructions on what to do each day. Each day, despite seeing any change, Joshua woke up and focused on the task ahead of him for that specific day. At the end of the seventh day when he finished carrying out God’s instructions, God fulfilled His promise. He gave Joshua the city of Jericho.



I can just imagine being in Joshua’s shoes and thinking, “Nothing’s changing God…are you sure you want me to march AGAIN?!” How silly of us to doubt GOD right?!

(Adoption Day!!!!)

All that time that we were waiting for a child, God was working on something. He fulfilled His promise to us and gave us the desire of our hearts. In a way that we could have never envisioned. He changed the desires of my heart, showed me to focus on the day ahead of me and to leave the planning and results up to Him.


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