Episode 009: Be Strong Story with Kristi Hayes

Be Strong.  Protect the Weak.  Love Everyone.


We were so blessed to have had the chance to talk with Kristi this month.  After our conversation with her we both felt so inspired to just get out there and start living on mission in our daily lives!  To just be bold and start on those ideas we’ve had in the back of our minds.  I hope you guys feel the same way after listening to this episode.



Kristi had gone through a period of time where she felt God was telling her to just be still.  To stop “doing” and just be still with Him.  She told us a little bit about what that time in her life looked like and what God taught her through her obedience.

Shortly after her season of “being still” they came up with the “Be Strong’ mission.  She explained how something as small as a lunch note to her son turned into a mission for their family, as well as a mission that others have now started following.  We talked about what it actually looks like in their daily lives to live out this mission.  Life can be busy for many of us, especially when you add kids to the equation, and Kristi gave us some great ideas on how to keep our families focused on mission even in those busy seasons.

She really challenged us on how intentional we are with our families and with others.  When we wakeup each day most of us have a mental to do list of what we need to accomplish, or want to accomplish, for the day.  How often is sharing Christ’s love and story the driving force behind what we do each day?  Talking to Kristi was such a great reminder and encouragement to be focused on our mission as disciples of Christ on a daily basis.  Can’t wait for you guys to hear this and to hear how this has encouraged you!

A HUGE thank you to Kristi for sharing her story and for encouraging us!  Don’t forget to check out the Be Strong Story shop tomorrow, March 1st!! Use the code BEINGWOMEN for 15% off!



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