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Hey, guys! April here.

You may have noticed that we didn’t post a podcast episode today – that’s because we will be posting every other Wednesday (instead of every week) for the next few months. On the off weeks, we hope to post to the blog so be sure to subscribe so you can get our posts in your inbox!

Since we know you already love to listen to podcasts, we thought we’d share a few of our favorites for you to try until our next episode is up!

  1. Young House Love Has a Podcast This is maybe the podcast I look forward to listening to the most. A new episode comes out every Monday and I like the short, simple format. It’s a husband and wife team talking about home renovation, decorating, and organizing. They are fun and easy to listen to.
  2. Risen Motherhood Sara recommended this podcast to me and we both listen to it regularly. It’s two moms who share encouragement and ideas for turning everyday moments into opportunities to live out and teach our kids the gospel. It’s a short listen that would fit in easily while you sit in carline or vacuum the house.
  3. Shailey & Katie This is a podcast with a wide range of topics but I listen to it because the two hosts, Shailey and Katie, are just funny and relatable. They have a section on every episode for a fake sponsor that’s really funny!
  4. Healthy Habits Happy Moms Radio This podcast is about living a healthy lifestyle as a mom and has a very body-positive perspective. Just a fair warning: there’s a little bit of language so if that bothers you, you might skip this one. I love the topic and their realistic take on living a healthy lifestyle, but I don’t listen in front of my girls. Which is a shame because the message is such a good one!
  5. Stuff You Should Know Two guys research and then basically give a light-hearted and sometimes funny overview of very random topics. They’ve recently covered everything from sea monkeys to Typhoid Mary.

What are your favorite podcasts? We’re always looking for new ones to add to the mix!

P.S. Our next episode will be out Wednesday, March 14, and we think you’re going to love it – we’re interviewing Carrie Carter, teacher at the Bloom group at Fellowship Bible Church about the Enneagram!

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