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Spring Cleaning: Get in Rhythm

April here!

Lots of women struggle with getting and staying organized. There are a million different methods that you can follow and, honestly, most of them are really good! The problem comes when you try to implement a system that you don’t connect with.

Everyone is different and what works for your best friend or your cousin might not work for you. That can leave you feeling frustrated and wondering why you can’t seem to get and stay organized while others can.

I actually run a small organizing business on the side and I’ve found a few tips that will get anyone closer to their organization goals. These aren’t methods or systems, just tricks that you can put into place when you’re overwhelmed. Try one or more of these to get you over the hump!

  1. Start small. Like, really, really, really small. This is the beginning of forming a habit that over time will lead to huge results! Once a day, whenever your energy is highest, put or throw away three things. It can be three photos, three pairs of shoes, three old baby onesies, anything at all. The thing isn’t as important as the action. You might feel like you made no difference at all but you’re playing the long game here. That daily habit may lead you to do more or not – that’s not the point. The point is that little changes, over time, lead to big results.
  2. Designate a spot for everything. You can’t put away those three baby onesies or pairs of shoes if you don’t know where they go. Take five minutes to think through where items that don’t have a home should go. If you can’t figure it out in a day or two, maybe you don’t need those items after all.
  3. Do a daily pickup. Not of the whole house, just the main areas. Most people will say to do this before going to bed at night and that’s great but guess what? I go to bed with my throw pillows all over the floor and remotes and popcorn bowls littering the coffee table. When I wake up, the first thing I do is put it all away and start the day fresh. Know why? I’m a morning person! I would never stick to that if I tried to do it right before bed. So pick the best time of day for you and do a daily pickup.
  4. Keep the kitchen clean. Clean up the kitchen after every meal. I know, I know. If your family is like ours, as soon as you’ve finished one meal, somebody wants a snack. No big deal. Make a snack – it’s fine. But don’t make breakfast, lunch, or dinner and leave everything out. Load the dishwasher, wipe down the counters, and put away the leftovers. You won’t dread the next meal you make and now you’re up to three rooms that are reasonably clean most of the time. For most of us, that’s a huge win!

One final thought on keeping your home neat and running smoothly – we don’t live in magazines or on Pinterest. We do LIFE in our homes and unless you’re hosting a formal event, there is no need for everything to be in its rightful spot all of the time.

We are busy women with families that need to feel the freedom to enjoy their homes: to leave a book out that we plan to return to later in the evening, to leave your rain boots sitting out by the back door, or to *GASP* leave a blanket fort up in the living room for a few days because it brings joy!

What’s your favorite way to keep a tidy home?

For more tips or help getting organized, visit my organizing business Facebook page, Ordered Life.

P.S. Our next episode will be with Amanda Wilson of A. Wilson Wellness and she was so much fun to interview! Check it out on Wednesday, April 25!

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