Three Wellness Tips from Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson of A. Wilson Wellness

Hey, guys! April here!

If you listened to last week’s episode we hope you enjoyed our talk with Amanda as much as we did! If you haven’t listened, the link is below and you will get something great out of it!

We asked Amanda to provide three quick tips that anyone can use to create greater wellness in their lives and she delivered – these tips are truly accessible for everyone, no matter where you are on your wellness journey.

What’s your favorite wellness tip? Share in the comments or on our Instagram or Facebook.

Listen to Amanda’s episode, Faith and Wellness.


  1. Learn to Love Real Food

I’m not talking about settling for sub par or forcing yourself to like something that isn’t good. The truth is that “eating healthy” will always be a “thing” if you don’t recognize that altering your taste buds and preferences will take time. Settle on the fact that this is a process on the front end, and you’ll be less likely to experience defeat. Give yourself time to first form a preference for real food, but also time to experience and find ways that you like to eat it. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring or bland, it can be enjoyable, delicious, and something you crave. You crave what you consume. After a period of time of letting real food be your normal, your body will start craving that nourishing food you once had to think about to eat.

  1. Focus on Movement Over a “Workout”

Everyone has a different relationship with working out. Some have a background in athletics and some despise the very thought of it.  Regardless, if you are just starting out in your health journey, the word “workout” can seem overwhelming to most, due to lack of knowledge of what to do or even carving out the time to accomplish it. If the word “workout” makes you twitch with stress or hide under a blanket and pretend sick, then let’s reset our approach. First, work on just including movement into your day. Once you start paying attention to it, you’ll either be surprised how sedentary our day to day can be or how many activities or pockets of the day can include more intentional movement.

  1. Simplify Your Action Steps

A big reason why so many jump on the “health train” and quickly fall off is because they try to overhaul every aspect all at the same time – and that’s overwhelming for anyone! Another reason is because an unrealistic plan is set and cannot be upheld long term. Our goal is for this to become a lifestyle, not a stressor that takes away your daily joy. In order for it to become a lifestyle, we must make it sustainable and attainable and allow time for our habits to change. To make that happen, simplify your action steps towards wellness. Work on one change at a time, not allowing the pressure of perfection to overhaul your efforts. For example, choose the hardest meal of the day for you to eat healthy. Work on choosing real food at that meal for the next 3 weeks, or however much time you need. Find your favorites for that meal, and allow the habit to become established, then move on to the next meal. Simplifying your efforts while giving yourself grace and time will return in a lifestyle.


Thanks again to Amanda for partnering with us on this episode and blog post! Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @awilsonwellness.

P.S. On Wednesday, May 9, we’ll feature Lauren Noland on the podcast. She’s a pastor’s wife, mom of one, and one of our very best friends. She shares her thoughts on overcoming insecurity and it is so, so good!

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