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One of the reasons I wanted to theme this month “slowing down” is because, for a while now, I’ve been afraid that maybe I’m missing something big in life. Maybe my family should be doing something, involved in some ministry or reaching some person or family that we just can’t see.

After praying about it for months and months, God so kindly spoke to me in the still of the night: if you just slow down, you won’t miss anything.

It was so clear to me that slowing my pace – not just minimizing activities or creating margin – but also relaxing my frenzied ways at home (quickly clean the counter and gotta make the beds and remember to switch out the laundry and the chicken needs to come out of the freezer and ALWAYS something else to be done and done quickly) would help me have eyes to see the opportunities all around me. Even just to engage for a moment with my kids or be willing to slow my roll for long enough to HEAR what my husband might be wanting to say if I just had the time to listen. 

Turns out that the big thing I’ve been afraid I’m missing is all the small things. And the big thing isn’t a thing to do, it’s a heart posture: being willing to lay aside my preferences for an eternal impact. 

I could buzz around our house doing things for days on end and never achieve… what? A permanent state of Pinterest perfection? Not likely. I could sit at my laptop until the end of time, tapping and clicking away, and never be finished with my work. 

A state of busyness is seductive to some of us. Definitely to me. It’s a lie that screams, like a roaring train engine, that as long as you’re productive, you’re worthy. But it’s a big, fat lie. So I’m convinced that slowing down is how I won’t miss the big picture.

I don’t want to give a bunch of tips on slowing down or creating margin or any of that. You can find those in another blog post.

Instead, if any of this resonates with you, ask yourself why.

Open that dialog with God. Be willing to slow down long enough, however long it takes, and keep pressing in over days and weeks and months to get to the bottom of why you feel the pull to slow down or why you wrestle with the prospect of missing something big or whatever it is that worries your heart in the background and in the the rare, quiet moments.  

Love, April

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