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Episode 022: I Am Rahab with Autumn Miles

Pretty often authors and speakers will reach out to us and ask if we’d like to have them on the podcast to share about their latest project or platform. Sometimes it’s a good fit and sometimes it’s not but today’s guest… we couldn’t get enough of her!

Autumn Miles is a girl on a mission to advocate for domestic violence victims, women in ministry, and adoption.

In her latest book, I Am Rahab, she shares how she came to relate to the not-so-neat-and-tidy story of Rahab during the battle of Jericho. She talks about that and so much more on this episode of the Being Women Podcast. We hope you’ll tune in to laugh and be inspired right alongside Sara and me!

Love, April



  • The toxicity of continuing to identify with our pasts when we’ve already been set free.
  • Being OK with God’s pace and timing (SO. HARD.).
  • Self-esteem versus godly confidence.
  • And a lot more!



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