Episode 023: Chasing Your Lion with Amy Moorehead

“The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.”  Genesis 12:1


When God told Abram to leave his country it came little instruction, but it also came with a promise from God.  A promise that He would make him into a great nation and bless him.  That he would bless those who blessed Abram and curse those who cursed him.  That promise was enough for Abram.  So at 75 years old he left his country with all his possessions and his family and went from place to place, awaiting God’s instructions.  Meanwhile praising God and building altars to the Lord in the places he went.

God had set a dream and promise in Abram’s heart of making him into a great nation and it reminds me of how God set a dream in Amy’s heart.  The same merciful God that gave her unrest also gave her a dream and a promise.  A dream for a place where people could find healing as well as a glimpse of God’s love.  He promised her that if she was obedient He would provide her with the things and people she would need to fulfill His plans.

We SO enjoyed talking to Amy.  She has the most kind and gentle spirit.  She is such an encourager and an amazing leader.  At such a young age she has learned some serious life lessons in obedience, leadership and compassion.  She also shares the story of how she met the Leivas family, who supplies her coffee.  Before they had ever met they were praying that God would send them someone to partner with, and He has created such an amazing partnership between those two!

So grab your cup of coffee guys and have a listen.  I really think you’ll be inspired by her to chase your own lion.


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  • No matter what season you’re in God notices and it’s accounted for.
  • Her act of obedience is what was glorifying God and not necessarily whether she fails or succeeds in the world’s eyes.
  • God gives you gifts that He will use to do His work, but he will also send you people to work with you that are gifted in the things you lack.


  • Chase Your Lion by Mark Batterson


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