Episode 024: Marriage, Redemption, and Avoiding Jail (Bill and Ann Parkinson)

We LOVED recording with Bill and Ann and we know you will love listening in to the conversation! These two are the real deal: they’re not afraid to share the good, the bad, and the ugly over the 50 years of their marriage (so far!). For this episode you’ll definitely want to set aside time to soak it all in.

They are funny, they are wise, they are godly, they are lighthearted, and they are REAL. That authenticity will capture your heart as you listen to Bill and Ann talk about how they love each other and have managed to keep an intact commitment to each other and to God.


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  • Godly dating and marriage.
  • How Bill and Ann each came to Christ in their 20s.
  • Communication strategies in marriage.
  • How to make marriage work when you and your partner are very different.

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