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Ep. 033: Godly Womanhood (Part 1)

In this episode, April and Sara discuss what womanhood looks like according to the bible.

Everyone wants to know their purpose and the first thing to understand about purpose is that we were all created. So purpose isn’t something we happen upon or dream up ourselves, it’s something we’re given. If you choose to believe that, you’ve already gotten more than halfway to discovering your purpose. 

We’ll chat together about what womanhood looks like in different stages of our lives and how women, just like men, are made in the image of the almighty God.


  • Genesis as a blueprint for women and men should relate to each other and how we should fulfill our purposes
  • The term “Helper,” which is used in the bible referring to women and how our grasp on what that means doesn’t always do women justice
  • Men and women making up equal halves of one whole
  • Single womanhood


We hope you love this episode!

Sara & April


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